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Sequoia Custom Builders

P.O. Box 342
Sherborn, MA 01770
Company Profile: 

All formally trained, the Sequoia team performs efficiently at every phase of a project to maintain uninterrupted work flow. From framing unique structures, creating millwork and constructing cabinetry to crafting one-of-a-kind furnishings, Sequoia Custom Builders provides top quality craftsmanship.

Sequoia Custom Builders is deeply rooted in its motto: Integrity and Strength. Meticulously anticipating every aspect of a project, SCB strives to deliver the absolute best, not only in the superiority of its workmanship, but also in its relationships with clients, collaborating partners and the environment.

Sequoia’s affiliation with the area’s preferred trade professionals and application of the finest quality materials yields both a pleasant construction process and a pleasing finished product. 

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