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Restoration Resources salvages pieces of Boston history

Salvaged building materials and ornamental pieces give architectural authenticity to period homes and properties. They also add character and charm to new construction properties as well as modern homes. Besides their superior beauty and craftsmanship, “rescued” and “upcycled”, design elements are one of a kind, and made from the highest quality materials, lasting hundreds of years.

Restoration Resources

On October 24th, Owner of Restoration Resources Bill Raymer went on a “deconstruction” job to save pieces of history off of the building located on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Newbury Street.


Hundreds of feet of cornice work was on the verge of being thrown away and forgotten in a landfill to be replaced by new imitation laminate. Restoration Resources “caught wind” of this and saw an opportunity to share these pieces of history with their customers. It took Bill and his team hours to carefully extract the cornice work off of the six-story building using pulleys and climbing scaffolding to pull down the cornice without ruining the pieces.

The cornice is a light pink beige hue with intricate craftsmanship. There are two different styles: rectangular columns with semi-circle and spheres on the sides, and square pieces with similar semi-circle and sphere decorations and a floral piece in the center.


The buildings on Newbury were all constructed around the same time and were completed in 1882. The cornice work that Bill saved was a little “rough around the edges” but with some restoration they could add unique personality to any style home, as well as restaurant or commercial property.

RestorationResources Newbury Street

Repurposing ideas include:
• Wall Paper (Both)
• Table Topper (Square)
• Table stand (Rectangle)
• Art in a frame (Square)

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