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A SmartColor™ Transformation by Lifetyme Exteriors

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The before and after photos from this project in Rockport, MA, show the drastic changes that occurred when Lifetyme Exteriors transformed the home with SmartColorâ„¢ in 2008. Due to the home's proximity to the ocean and the wind-driven rain and moisture that the houses in the area experience, Rockport is the perfect testing ground for SmartColorâ„¢.

This home was constructed over 150 years ago, and the Lifetyme Exteriors SmartColor™ installation truly represents a synergy of history and technology. The home maintains the authentic look of paint, but due to the durability of SmartColor's revolutionary technology the home will not need to be painted again–even though it endures the harsh weather conditions on the New England ocean shore.

You can see that this customer chose a bright, vivid color for the home’s exterior and it came out looking terrific. They couldn’t me more pleased with the outcome, and Lifetyme Exteriors’ SmartColor™ was the right choice for them.
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