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Paris Ceramics

1 Design Center Place, Suite 435
Boston, MA 02210
United States
(617) 261-9736
Company Profile: 

From the very beginning, since its inception in 1982, Paris Ceramics has been different. Unlike most stone and tile companies, they take control of every step of their products’ lives from quarry or kiln, through cutting and finishing, to final delivery at their client’s worksite.

By integrating materials and craftsmanship from the old world with technology from the new, they create flooring which is both new and unique.

Blog Posts

Home stone and tile kitchen
If you’re looking to truly elevate a space, there is arguably no single design element that adds impact and beauty like stone and tile. And with the exquisite array of materials on the market today, there are countless ways to up the wow factor in your kitchen, bath, living room or foyer. We’ve sourced today’s most coveted treatments and enlisted some of the area’s leading authorities in natural...