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Luxury Master Bathroom Design Views
Therapeutic Relaxation Rooms
Roomscapes Luxury Design Center
Homeowners and bath professionals are cancelling their spa appointments for their home bathroom suites that rival luxurious day spas.
High end technology and electronic equipment in New England
Technology to Impress—Without the Stress
Excellent technology feels intuitive, not frustrating. At least, that’s the case at Maverick Integration’s revolutionary digital playground in Nashua. From IMAX screens with lifelike definition to state-of-the-art home integration systems, the showroom offers a host of technologies to transform your home—without the headache that so often accompanies new gadgets.
specialists in the restoration of antique lighting
Meet the New England Specialists in the Restoration of Antique Lighting
Appleton Antique Lighting
A full service UL certified workshop holds over 35 years of experience spanning two generations.

Your daily dose of design

Renovate or moving, latest home trends, selling your home
February 14, 2017
You're Invited! Should I Stay or Should I Go? Confused about whether you should renovate or move? Staying in your home and looking to learn more about the latest home decor trends? Planning on...
valentine's day gifts for men and women speakers
February 10, 2017
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you have not yet purchased a gift for your significant other, we have compiled a quick list of high-quality, trendy last minute gift ideas for your loved...
High end Cape Cod New England Architecture
February 7, 2017
In business for more than 30 years, John Ingwersen and Peter Haig, principals of Architectural Design, Inc. know Cape Cod architecture, inside and out. They know that some fabulous mid-century modern...
High Fashion Looks for the Residential Home
February 2, 2017
Interior designers have long been influenced by what they see on the runways. It makes sense. After all, the fashion industry and the world of design share a similar vocabulary: a love of fabrics,...
Home Integration Trends LG TV display
January 30, 2017
As far as we’re concerned, home integration professionals have one of the toughest (and most exciting!) jobs out there. These folks don’t rest for a nanosecond; they’re constantly researching,...
Cape Cod Beach vacation Home Brewster, MA
January 27, 2017
A quintessential Cape Cod vacation home sparkles on the bay's edge.  "There is something meaningful about escaping to a place that feels a bit more understated, more natural, more cottage-like."  ...

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